Last Man Standing: Penarth Operatic & Dramatic Society

PODS Last Man Standing


Event Information:

  • Wednesday, February 28 - Saturday, March 03, 19:30 PM - 19:30 PM
  • Paget Rooms, Penarth
  • Penarth
  • Charges apply
  • Arts and culture
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Last Man Standing: Penarth Operatic & Dramatic Society

A First World War One drama: a powerful and thought provoking play which centres around the historical back-ground of World War I and brings together the life of a country village and the trenches of the Somme. Edmund, the Squire’s son, and Tom, a worker on the Squire’s estate, leave behind the same girl they both love to go to war, and their rivalry grows into obsessional hatred in the hell-hole of the trenches. A single moment of choice on the battle-field leads to disastrous consequences for both men. P.O.D.S.  in presenting Last Man Standing during this Centenary of the war, wishes to commemorate and honour the men who fought, and those that gave their lives, for our country.

Tickets £11/£12 

  • 029 2071 2260

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