Paws in the Vale Shopping

Please find below, our list of shops that will be only too happy to welcome you and your four-legged friend into their establishment. 

What you can expect to find if you see a Paws in the Vale window sticker:

  • A warm welcome for you and your dog
  • Recommendations on good walks nearby

  • You might also find:
  • Water bowls
  • Treats
  • Dog waste bags to sell or give away
Business         Location         Telephone Number     Post Code  
 Crafts by the Sea Ogmore by Sea 01656 880324 CF32 0PZ
 Arthur John Cowbridge 01446 772229 CF71 7YG
 The Shop of Cowbridge Cowbridge 01446 774055 CF71 7AH
 The Pencil Case Cowbridge 01446 772210 CF71 7AB
 Gibson & Bond Cowbridge 01446 775260 CF71 7AB
 Emmaus Cowbridge 01656 750829 CF71 7AG
 Pebble Clothing Cowbridge 01446 772127 CF71 7DD 
 No. 39  Cowbridge 01446 677380 CF71 7AE
 No. 41  Cowbridge 01446 770000 CF71 7AE
 Buttercup Cwtch  Cowbridge 07527276686 CF71 7AJ
 GW of St Clears Cowbridge 01446 771581 CF71 7YN
 Cowbridge Cycle Centre  Cowbridge 01446 773273 CF71 7AJ 
 The Old Wool Barn Cowbridge 07742048249 CF71 7AJ
 Rohan Cowbridge 01446 774570 CF71 7AJ
 La Mercerie Cowbridge 01446 772055 CF71 7EG
 Cowbridge Health Food Co.  Cowbridge 01446 773453 CF71 7AD
 Sara Caroline Florist Cowbridge 01446 677550 CF71 7DD
 Capel Jones Cowbridge 07508875971 CF71 7BJ
 Dogs Trust Cowbridge 01446 774423 CF71 7AB
 Happy Days Vintage Cowbridge 01446 771191 CF71 7BB
 Supergal Academy Llantwit Major 07766 444512 CF61 1SB
 Watts & Morgan               Cowbridge  01446 773500 CF71 7AE
 Stwff Llantwit Major  01446 793107 CF61 1SB 

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Dog on a chair Dog in a field