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  • Categories: Country Parks and Green Spaces, Farming and Food, Arts and Culture
  • Age Groups: Key Stage 4
  • Topics: Knowledge and understanding of the world

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Educational Visits

All staff are trained in Managing Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA) which is BILD approved.  This enables them to provide a nurturing environment that assures an individual's care, welfare, safety and security whilst identifying further developmental needs.    Amelia Trust Farm is an approved City and Guilds Centre offering and Entry 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Skills for Working Life as well as Level 1 qualifications.  

Activities and interventions provide a total sensory experience within a farming environment which include: 

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Animal therapies

As an outdoor environment the Farm can aid in the relief of stress and anxiety, whilst also refocusing the mind.  Interacting with animals within a broad range of tasks can facilitate the increased concentration, mental wellbeing and physical health.  The sessions are focused within the field of animal care. 



The environment for this activity can vary from a workshop to an outdoor work setting at the Farm.  Activities involve learning a vast range of practical skills including basic carpentry, plumbing, construction and landscaping.

Multi media deck 300sq

Music and Multimedia

The studio setting provides a creative environment that encourages the expression of feelings and emotions through the medium of music and multimedia. From this, self-esteem and trust is developed naturally and the confidence to reflect on their personal circumstances increases. 

Cooking ingredients


This intervention makes use of our Independent Living Centre which has a fully equipped kitchen with an additional ‘anatomy themed’ work space. The Centre environment encourages the exploration of a young person’s current needs and provides a space for them to discern solutions.



The working environment provides physical development through green exercise activity.   These sessions are aimed at Woodland Management including activity such as coppicing, tree felling and path maintenance. Confidence levels are enhanced through task achievement whilst improving hand eye co-ordination and motor skill development.  

For more information, please contact 

  • 01446 782030