Wild Vale

Flora and Fauna in the Vale

We are very lucky here in the Vale of Glamorgan to have a diverse mix of flora and fauna from great crested newts to otters, from wild orchids to bluebells.  We have sandy beaches, remote coves and the Glamorgan Heritage Coast; inland there are rolling hills, country parks and historic sites.   We are very proud to be part of the 870 mile Wales Coast Path, the world's longest continuous coastal walk.    The area is rich in wildlife and nature just waiting to be discovered.

Visit some of the Vale's wildlife 'hotspots' 


Please send in your photos, we've got some fantastic pictures already but would love to have some more.   

common starfish 300sq

Common Star Fish

Dog whelks and egg capsules 300sq

Dog Whelks and Eggs

Sunstar 300 sq

Sun Fish 

frogspawn 300 sq


Chough Paul Dunn 300sq

Chough: Paul Dunn/Slade Farm

brown+hare Paul Dunn 300 sq

Brown Hares: 
Paul Dunn/Slade Farm

Goldfinch Paul Dunn 300sq

Goldfinch: Paul Dunn/Slade Farm

Lapwing Paul Dunn 300sq

Lapwing:Paul Dunn/Slade Farm

Grey Squirrel Romily Park 300sq

Grey Squirrel:Tina Haydon

Hermit Crab Southerndown 300 sq

 Hermit Crab: Tina Haydon

Long-tailed Tit Cosmeston 300sq

Long Tailed Tit: Tina Haydon

Cygnet Cosmeston 300 sq

 Cygnet: Tina Haydon

Bee on Lavender Physic Garden Cowbridge 300sq

Bee on Lavender: Tina Haydon

chaser dragonfly 300sq

 Scarce Chaser Dragonfly: Phil Bennington

Brown Rat Barry Island 300sq

Brown Rat: Tina Haydon

Water Vole 300sq Cate Barrow

Water Vole: Cate Barrow

Parasol Mushroom 300sq

 Parasol Mushroom: Julie Morgan

Boring piddock 300s

Boring Piddock

Ring necked duck Tony Barnes 300sq

Ring Necked Duck: Tony Barnes

Common Starfish Dunraven Bay 300sq

Common Starfish

Winkles and Anemones ghc 300

 Winkles and Anemones

Bluebells GHC 300 sq


Crab in shell GHC 300

Hermit Crab 

Star Fish ghc 300


Brimstone Butterfly Dave Batchelor 300

Brimstone: Dave Batchelor

Fox Tony Barnes 300

Fox: Tony Barnes

Toad Aaron 300


Goldfinch Tony Barnes 300

Gold Finch: Tony Barnes

Bank Vole Phil Bennington 300

Bank Vole:Phil Bennington

Nuthatch Kyomi Martin 300

Nuthatch: Kyomi Martin

hoverfly on teasel 300

Hover fly on teasel

Pheasant chick Phil bennington 300

Pheasant Chick:
Phil Bennington
Robin Josh Watts 300sq
Robin: Josh Watts
Fieldfare Tina Haydon 300sq
Fieldfare: Tina Haydon
starlings 300 sq
A murmuration
bleak day Dunnock 300 sq Dave Batchelor
Dunnock: Dave Batchelor


Please send us your photos, we would love to display them.