St Baruc's Chapel, Barry Island

St Barucs Church Barry Island 1140 x 500


  • St Baruc's Chapel (Remains), Friars Road, Barry Island CF62 5TR
  • Barry and Barry Island
  • History and Mystery
  • Free admission
  • Doggy friendly

St Baruc's Chapel Barry Island

During 1894 and 1895 excavations took place on Barry Island, which revealed remains of a chapel parts of which date from 12th Century and until the 17th Century it was covered in sand.

The simple chapel consisted of a nave and chancel, roofed with local Pennant sandstone.  It was located alongside an earlier single-roomed chapel that measured just 16ft x 10ft, itself built over an older burial ground.  Later, a two-roomed priest’s house was joined to the chapel. The chapel, which was rebuilt in the 14th century, remained in use until at least the 16th century.   

There has been a place of worship here, dedicated to St. Baruc, since his burial around 700AD. Initially there may have been a wattle construction but in Norman times a small stone chapel was built over the grave of St Baruc. 

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