Wales Coast Path

Cwm Colhugh Llantwit Major Beach  Tina Haydon credit 1140 x 500


  • South Wales Coastline
  • Llantwit Major and the Heritage Coast
  • 0300053000
  • Walking
  • Free admission
  • Wales Coast Path
  • Doggy friendly

60km of the Wales Coast Path runs through a stretch of the coast of the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Wales Coast Path takes in stunning scenery spanning 870 miles, making it the largest continuous coastal path in the world.    60 km of this amazing path runs through the Glamorgan Heritage Coast from Gileston in the East to Porthcawl in the West.

It's an invigorating route that takes in golden beaches, dramatic cliffs, Ogmore Castle and stepping stones. Look out for the waymarkers to point you along the path.  Always take care when walking near the cliff edge.

Please see our Vale Ambassador page to enhance your visit.

(photo credit Tina Haydon)