Coast and Pier dog friendly walk

Penarth Pier


  • Penarth
  • Walking,Vale Trails
  • Free admission
  • Paws in the Vale

No stiles, no livestock, numerous dog litter bins, dog friendly pub with water bowls and ample outdoor seating.

An easy linear walk starting at the Captain’s Wife Pub, Swanbridge (where you’ll find liquid refreshment for you and your dog). Follow the coast path west towards Sully enjoying great view to Flatholm, Steepholm and Sully Island and across the channel to Somerset. If you’re feeling energetic take a trip across to Sully island -  low tide only. 

Features & attractions: Views of Sully Island, Flatholm and Steepholm across the Channel to Somerset.

Pubs nearby: The Captains Wife

Vale Trail 5. Coast and Pier walk