Paws in the Vale Eating Venues

We’re sure that after exploring the great outdoors, both four legged and two legged friends will be looking to stop for a bite to eat or drink.  At the cafés and restaurants listed below you can be assured that all in your party will be welcome. 

Each establishment will have their own guidelines about how they are ‘doggy friendly’ but at the least, you will expect to find the following:

  • Designated dog friendly areas
  • Recommendations on good walks nearby
  • Dog bowls available with fresh water
  • Their own doggy treats or specialist dog menu


Business               Location            Telephone No.     Postcode   
 Victoria Inn  Sigginston 01446 728080 CF71 7LP 
 Cross Inn Cowbridge 01446 772995 CF71 7JF 
 Amelia Trust Farm  Barry 01446 782030  CF62 3AS 
 Bear Hotel Cowbridge 01446 774814  CF71 7AH 
 Duke of Wellington  Cowbridge 01446 773592 CF71 7AG 
 Cobbles Kitchen & Deli  St Brides 01656 661954 CF32 0QP
 Hare and Hounds  Cowbridge 01446 774892 CF71 7LG 
 Red Lion  Bonvilston 01446 781208 CF5 6TR
 Wine Street Coffee Llantwit Major 07875 758266 CF61 1RZ 
 Vale of Glamorgan Inn Cowbridge 01446 772252 CF71 7AE
 3 Golden Cups Pub Southerndown 01656 880432 CF32 0RW
 The Sportsmans Rest Peterston Super Ely 01446 760675 CF5 6LH
 The Swan Inn Llantwit Major 01446 792230 CF61 1SB
 Happy Days Vintage Cowbridge 01446 771191 CF71 7BB 
 Cafe Nero Cowbridge 01446 775100  CF71 7YP 
 Arboreal Cowbridge 01446 775093 CF71 7AB
 Old White Hart Llantwit Major 01446 796809 CF61 1RZ 
 Plough and Harrow Monknash 01656 890209 CF71 7QQ 
 The Captain's Wife Sully 02920 530066 CF64 5UG 
 The Blue Anchor Inn  East Aberthaw 01446 750329 CF62 3DD
 Dixies Ices and Treats Parlour Llantwit Major  07802 884018  CF61 1DL
 Whitmore and Jackson Barry Island 01446 722191 CF62 5TJ
 Cadwaladers Barry Island 01446 736486 CF62 5TQ
 Cottrell Park Golf Resort St Nicholas 01446 781781 CF5 6SJ
 The Fox and Hounds Llancarfan 01446 781287 CF62 3AD
 The Lamb and Flag Wick 01656 890278 CF71 7QE


 Dog on the beach   Norfolk Terrier 300sq

 Two dogs drinking 300sq   Two Jack Russells cuddling 300sq