St Illtud's Church and Galilee Chapel

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  • Categories: Arts and Culture, Castles, Churches and Heritage, Farming and Food, Coast
  • Age Groups: Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2
  • Topics: Knowledge and understanding of the world, Creative development, Language, literacy and communication skills, Personal and social development, well,being and cultural diversity, Welsh language development
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All about St Illtud's Church and Galilee Chapel

Founded in around 500 A.D. by St. Illtud, the Church in Llantwit Major is one of the oldest Christian sites in Britain and is reputed to be Britain’s earliest known centre of learning.  At the western end of the Church stands the 13th century Galilee Chapel, which was destroyed during the Reformation.  However, after around 400 years, it has now been restored as a visitor and education centre.  At the heart of the exhibition space is one of the largest collection of Celtic Christian stones in the United Kingdom.  The chapel, the church and the surrounding area provide an ideal educational opportunity for pupils to study the history of Wales and Celtic Christianity. 

Educational Visits 

A pack of teacher resources is now available on the Llanilltud web site, designed to highlight what makes St. Illtud’s Church so special and to help teachers plan, undertake and follow-up a visit with the support of our Welcomers team.  The resources are not prescriptive and are for teachers to use if they wish.  Pre-visits are essential to decide on the purpose and focus of the learning experience and the activities to be undertaken.  On the day of the visit, we will welcome you into the Church and help to lead the activities, if appropriate, in English or in Welsh. The Welcomers, pupils and teachers dress up in monks’ habits during the visit and pupils will be presented with a souvenir before they leave. 



Please book a visit at least a month in advance to avoid any planned services or activities at the Church.  Friday mornings are usually available.


The recommended size for groups is eight children to one adult with one class at a time as a maximum with a teacher in charge. 

Length of Visit

We expect the visit to last about two hours, depending on the activities chosen. 


No charge is made for any visits. 

Facilities: Toilets are available on site. There are no parking areas surrounding the Church, but coaches can drop pupils nearby, where they will be met by a member of the Welcomers team to be led safely to the Church. Coaches can then park by the railway station in the town. 

Please contract Alison Weston

  • 01446 792439


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