Vale School Trips Icons


Your guide to the Vale School Trip icons

Please use this to help guide you through all the venues you can choose from in the Vale.

Each icon relates to a different topic and category that your school will be studying. Look out for the icons on each page or simply select both the topic and category of your choice in the search box of the Vale School Trips home page and see what comes up.

If you're unsure, our venues are always happy to help. Give them a call to discuss your requirements. 

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 Vale School Trips - Topics

Creative development VST-SA-Icon-CreativeDev  x small

Knowledge and understanding of the world VST-SA-Icon-Knowledge x small

Language, literacy and communication SkillsVST-SA-Icon-LangLitComm x small

Mathematical developmentVST-SA-Icon-MathsDev x small

Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversityVST-SA-Icon-PersSocialDev x small

Physical developmentVST-SA-Icon-PhysicalDev x small

Welsh language developmentVST-SA-Icon-WelshLangDev x small

Vale School Trips - Categories


Arts and cultureVST-APT-Icon-Arts&Culture x small

Castles, churches and heritage VST-APT-Icon-Heritage x small

Coast VST-APT-Icon-Coast x small

Country parks and green spacesVST-APT-Icon-Parks&Greenspace x small

Farming and foodVST-APT-Icon-Farming&Food x small

Sport and adventureVST-APT-Icon-Sports&Adventure x small

OtherVST-APT-Icon-Other x small


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