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Exhibitions at The Turner House


Exhibitions at The Turner House

The Turner House is set to bring another year of quality art exhibitions to the heart of Penarth.

Featuring a range of international and local artists, The Turner House has a wide and varied programme to suit all tastes. Admission to exhibitions is always free, and everyone is welcome. The Turner house is open Thursday – Sunday 10:00 – 16.30.

The gallery and programme at The Turner House are curated By Penarth Town Council in partnership with Amgueddfa Cymru for the social, cultural, environmental, and economic well-being of Penarth.

We are so thankful to everyone who has supported The Turner House over our first 2 years of programming. We are very excited about the exhibitions we have selected for 2023 and hope that there is something for everyone to enjoy, because after all, art is for everyone.”  - Cultural Development Officer, Penarth Town Council

Here is a taster of what to expect for spring 2023…

Cowbridge Arts Society

5th – 29th Jan (Open Now)

Cowbridge Art Society is a thriving local society with over 70 members from beginners to established artists.

This exhibition takes on the salon style to showcase a jam-packed gallery filled with variety and vibrancy for artists with all levels of experience. Society members share in the desire to improve their skills and to enjoy the painting process, working in a range of different genre and media, including water colour, oils, acrylic, pen and ink and pastel to multi-media imagery.

Artwork is available for sale and new members in the Vale of Glamorgan are always welcome to take part in society activity, whatever their ability.

Self Help!

10th Feb -  12th March 2023

Where to seek help in challenging times? Penarth neighbours: Illustrator Chris Glynn and poet Luca Paci unpack their touring exhibition of texts and images, book hacks and music, to explore creative collaboration, friendship, and the idea of self-help. The event centres around the imaginary Self-Help Island,

A collection of poems and an illustrated playscript which follows characters shipwrecked on a strange island, inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  

Self Help! creates a safe conversational space to reflect on some of the challenges of the past three years, taking a sideways look at the pros and cons of self-help culture. This exhibition features a free programme of events exploring the themes of the show as well as guest appearances from local artists and writers.  

The Self-Help project began in 2022 at Oriel Canfas in Cardiff, and tours to Milan in 2023 Via The Turner House

Chris Glynn — Self Help Show

Claude Cahun: Beneath this Mask

4 March – 2 April 2023

The exhibition contains 42 giclee prints made of Cahun’s original photographic self-portraits.

Born Lucy Schwob, she adopted the pseudonym in 1917 to free herself from the narrow confines of gender. At the beginning of her career, she was aligned to the Surrealist movement and was friends with André Breton; however she distanced herself both politically and physically after fleeing France on the eve of Nazi occupation. 

Cahun settled in Jersey where she embarked upon her defining photographic series, in which the subversion of traditional portraiture and the constructed nature of identity and gender are pressing concerns. In these now famous images, Cahun anticipated the performative work of contemporary artists such as Cindy Sherman.

This Hayward Touring exhibition is in collaboration with Jersey Heritage and was first presented at the Women of the World Festival 2015, Southbank Centre. 

Plastic Beach

13th April – 4th June

Taking Sisley’s painting ‘'The Cliff at Penarth, evening, low tide’ (1897) as a starting point, Ebb &Flow invites responses from contemporary artists to consider what the ecological crisis means in terms of our changing coastline, ocean pollution and not only how this affects us here in south Wales, but it’s greater impact on people in the global south who feel the effects of the climate crisis much more severely.

This environmental conversation is the crux of the Ebb &Flow project, which will include a people-centred education programme, performance, and film screenings - all in the view to support and give context to the legacy of Sisley’s visit to Penarth, and how artists are carrying this torch forward

This exhibition has been curated for The Turner House by Bob Gelsthorpe, a curator and artist from Blackpool, based in Cardiff.


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Exhibitions at The Turner House
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