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Sinister Halloween Scare Run at Fonmon Castle

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Barry & Barry Island


Sinister Halloween Scare Run at Fonmon Castle

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, unleash your inner thrill-seeker as we bring you a night of heart-pounding terror and macabre delights:

The Scare Run: Brave the terror that awaits in the dark heart of the "Hangman's Orchard." Enter when you dare, traverse the realms of horror. Beware, for in the shadows, you're never alone.

Horror Farm: Immerse yourself in the malevolent transformation of the Medieval farm. Unearth cursed wares, animatronic Raptors, and sinister beings. Have your fortune unveiled, if you dare.

The Ghostbusters and Ecto1: Stand before the iconic Ghostbusters at the castle's entrance, where the boundary between the living and the dead blurs.

The Horror Magician - Patrick: Prepare to have your reality warped by the eerie illusions of the enigmatic Patrick. Magic takes on a chilling new form.

The Skeleton Gardens: For those whose nerves can't bear the Scare Run, wander through the haunting tranquillity of the Skeleton Gardens. A delicate dance with fear.

Halloween Story Trail: Follow the haunting tale of Fon and Mon, their Halloween survival etched with dark enchantment. Once upon a nightmare...

Dino Haunted Woods: Within the eerie depths of the Scare Run lies the Dino Haunted Woods. Dinosaurs of old awaken, and terror lurks at every turn.

Important Darkness:

Fear knows no age, yet beware—some realms may be too sinister for the innocent. Parents wield the power to shield tender souls.

The Scare Run beckons only to those of adult spirit, embracing the abyss. Younglings below 16, guided by an elder of 18 or more, may traverse this realm.

Time: 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm



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Sinister Halloween Scare Run at Fonmon Castle
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