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Vale Tales


Vale Tales

Have you heard the tale of the white lady of St Athan who was buried up to her neck by her husband for being unfaithful?

Or the legend about the Captain’s wife from Sully, whose dead body was kept in a box that was mistaken for treasure and stolen.

Did you know that Big Ben, was probably named after Benjamin Hall, a very tall resident of Hensol Castle. He oversaw the building of Westminster and the installation of the bell within the clock tower.

Uncover the myths and legends ingrained in the heritage of the Vale of Glamorgan with Vale Tales – the new GPS triggered storytelling app. There are sad tales, mysterious tales, romantic and historical tales, all brought to you by Iolo Morgannwg, the Welsh master of the tall tale.

Offering a unique, digital experience, you can listen to the many and varied stories of the area, narrated by local legend Iolo Morganwg, while exploring and experiencing the beauty of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Where can you find the stories?

With a GPS enabled smartphone or tablet, the app will alert you when you enter a story zone allowing you to collect and listen to one of 46 stories scattered across the 10 trails. Once you’ve found a story, it will be added to your stories archive, for you to read or listen to any time you like.

It's simple, follow the links below to download the app today, and get those walking boots ready.

Getting Started - You will need:

  • A GPS enabled mobile device.
  • GPS is required to show your progress and allow you to unlock the stories.
  • A fully charged battery
  • Headphones (optional)
  • A Vale Trails map

These can be picked up at tourist information points around the Vale of Glamorgan or can be downloaded on our Guides page. Alternatively contact us today to order your maps and we'll send them out so you are ready when you arrive.

How to use the App:

  • Launch the app and choose which trail you want to follow from the Trail Finder
  • A short introduction will tell you where you will be able to find the stories along the trail.
  • Click ‘Start Trail’ and begin walking, the map will show you your progress.
  • You can put your mobile device to sleep as you walk to conserve your battery
  • When you enter a ‘story zone’ you will be notified and a book will appear on the map
  • Click on the book icon to start the story
  • Put your phone to sleep again, the story will continue to play

Once you have collected a Vale Tale, it will be stored in your Story Archive for you to read again whenever you like.

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